!! Schedule Updates !!, Kidz Classes

❄️😭Proactive Schedule Changes😭❄️

We’re PROACTIVELY making some decisions around tomorrow’s schedule so there’s no mad-dash scramble:
  • Zumba Kids will start NEXT week, 3/20, and we’ve ADDED a class on 4/24 (no class week of April vaca)
  • The FREE Yoga Demo with Nicole (new, amazing, teacher!) will be NEXT week, 3/20.  PLEASE come and check her out, we’re counting on YOU to let us know if she’s a good fit for our home!
  • We cxld 6a PiYo BOOST but ADDED a PiYo BOOST Friday morning
  • We have ADDED TWO FREE FLEXIBILITY BURSTS … Wed 5:45-6p, Thur 6:15-6:30p, stay tuned on cxling tomorrow
Stay tuned for the rest of the night’s lineup tomorrow … and stay warm!!!
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🙌🏼it’s here🙌🏼 TGIF!! Mmm food too – and a confession 😳❤️ #whosYOURfitfriend

Nothing fancy just poppin in to say WOOOOHOOOO it’s Friiiiidayyy!!!! March schedule starting to come into full effect and it’s HAWT! Debuts of classes, a MAJOR overhaul of our kids program, and 3 Studios!!!

Figured I’d drop this cool meat-Free protein tips article I read this morning and admit that I didn’t know broccoli had 8g protein per cup!!!!??? That’s just too easy!!!

Love ya and see you tonight when we debut Friday night #ZumbaStep!!