Sweatshirts Being Ordered THIS WEEKEND – Sign Up & Bring Your $ by Wed 7/2! IMPORTANT Schedule Announcement #whosYOURfitfriend

OK, the design is almost done and the order is almost ready to be placed!  Trust us, we know how crazy it sounds to order sweatshirts in the summer, but if you’re a studio frequenter … you know it’s not that crazy bc it’s COLD IN THERE!!! 🙂

Sign up form is at the studio, if you can’t make it by next Wed shoot us an email and we’ll figure it out!

Please also note, as much as we love keeping it mixed up and fresh for you, summer days mean less workout hours (we know, doesn’t make sense to us either!?!!?) so while we’re keeping a variety of classes, we will be trimming down the qty of each, just for July/August!  Don’t worry, there will still be something for everyone, every day, and you “unlimited-ers” will still get more than your money’s worth … just not 5 options per night! 🙂  Be sure to sign up now if you know there are classes you simply can’t live without!!! ❤


Published by Fit FRIENDzy Studios

Fit FRIENDzy Studios is a Group Fitness studio specializing in quality and comfort. Tagline: "Elite Instructors. Intimate Setting. Dream-worthy Results. Because you're not a Number, You're a Name. You're a Friend."

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