In. Cred. Ible. – A Saturday to go down in the books … Don’t forget about this week’s updates! Oh, and 20% off Zumba gear just because ❤️ #whosYOURfitfriend

How incredible was today??? For the terrifically daring FRIENDz that made it to the first WHIPPED Toning of the summer… We are SO PROUD OF YOU! Was it not yet another test that simply proved your indomitable will!?!?!? Ahh magic. Stay tuned, might add another during the week… Don’t worry, it’ll be after Zumba 😜

Then at Elm Park!!! really!?!?! That ENTIRE park was invigorated by the magic that is Fit FRIENDzy Studios!!! Thank you to all that came and supported us!!!! And of course, the biggest thanks to the Big Dipper clan for supporting Children’s Friend…❤️

So this week is a short one but it’s PACKED WITH CLASSES!!! And don’t forget, 20% off all Zumba gear because you deserve it 😍

Sun: Zumba @ 9am (NO ZUMBA TONING AT 10:15!)

Mon: Zumba @ 6pm, SaSS and Zumba @ 7pm, ALL NEW Yoga @ 8pm

Tue: CARDIyoga @ 530am, Zumba @ 6pm, Zumba BASIC and (SPECIAL) Zumba Toning @ 7pm (<<be SURE to sign up, we have LIMITED sticks to borrow, but plenty for sale!)

Wed: Zumba Toning @ 530am, Zumba and SaSS @ 6pm, Zumba @ 7pm

Thur: Zumba @ 530am …. LAST CLASS UNTIL NEXT MONDAY!!!!

Studio is CLOSED Thur 7/3 (pm) through Sun 7/6!!!!! YouTube 😘

Don't forget, sweatshirt money is (preferably) due by wed … Let us know if you can’t get it to is by then

Rock on. ❤️

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Fit FRIENDzy Studios is a Group Fitness studio specializing in quality and comfort. Tagline: "Elite Instructors. Intimate Setting. Dream-worthy Results. Because you're not a Number, You're a Name. You're a Friend."

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