WOW there is no longer a reason to not LOVE Mondays!!!!! Read on… It’s AMAZING!! #whosYOURfitfriend

So if you missed the DEBUT of Zumba Step with none other than Laurie Daisy and Lauren … You HAVE to check out the evidence!!! Btw – there are only 2 spots left for NEXT Monday so register now and get in or get in line on the waiting list!!!! (You can take regular zumba if you don’t get in)

And while Step was ridiculously amazing, we shouldn’t leave out the PACKED SaSS and Yoga classes… You really need to register ahead for these specialty classes!!!!! Btw – CARDIyoga debuts Sunday at 8 and THAT’S almost full!!!

🐞 Love how fit FRIENDz don’t stop working out just cause it’s summer ❤️☺️💪

Register your life away!!! 💛💛





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