Another IN-CRED-I-BLE Monday!! And we have more great news!!! Wed morning surprise. Saturday morning surprise. Friday night PARRRRTTAAAYYY #whosYOURfitfriend

Were you there tonight!?!? What’d you think!?! Omg!!! All classes ROCKED. New faces ROCKED. Old faces returning ROCKED. This. Place. ROCKS!!!!!

You excited for Friday!?!? End of summer BASH! 6-? We might have a sitter too so let us know if you’d need one!

So… Surprises 🙂 ALERT … wed morning’s Zumba Toning will be a “Zumba Mixup” … We’ll sprinkle in toning, regular and … Wait for it… STEP!!! Yep. 🙂 be on the lookout for the schedule change, space is limited as you know!

Oh and seeing as it’s Labor Day weekend, we decided to treat ya to an early dose of Saturday STEP!!!! 1030am – you know the deal! The class will post. Spaces will fill. Get your trigger finger ready!!!

Super important note: when you register for a class, or are added to the wait list, we consider that a commitment on your part. If you do not show and force the spot to go unused before giving someone else the opportunity to take it, you’ll automatically be added to the bottom of the wait list the next time you register for that class, among other potential penalties. We don’t want to do this, so please plan accordingly.

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