FINALLY your MINDBODY how-to the FFS way. And, YOUTUBE OVERHAUL TIME!! #whosYOURfitfriend

So, you know how your friends ask (or sometimes you’re curious) how to use MINDBODY? Well, here’s the simplified Fit FRIENDzy Studios how-to for the web-based version!! Includes classes, programs (ie Zumbini) and babysitting!! Stay tuned for a similar MINDBODY Connect App how-to as well!

Also – most of you know Lauren has her famous YouTube channel with almost a million hits, which is SUPER cool!! However, it doesn’t really encompass what Fit FRIENDzy Studios is all about … YOU! SO… We’re going to start holding little “YouTube overhaul” mini sessions and eventually videotape ALL THE ROUTINES OVER AGAIN except this time … YOU’RE GONNA BE IN THEM!! Will also tape some of the newer ones that aren’t online. Oh this is gonna be EPIC!!!!

Finally, we hear you, you’re sick of fantasy football … So stay tuned as we’re gonna try out a Sunday evening class!!!

Btw – don’t forget to sign up for Zumbini before it’s too late!


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