News Flash! Zumbini Price Reduced … plus an ADDITIONAL 15% off for Current members! #whosYOURfitfriend

You can’t ever accuse us of not listening!!! We admittedly debuted the Zumbini program without much thought, at the suggested price and time-frame that is advised by Zumba.  However, we heard 2 things:  1- 10 weeks is too long, and 2- If we’re already a member of the studio, is there a discount? SO!! Here’s the new plan:

1 – Session is 8 weeks vs. 10.  BEGINS OCT 11th NOT Oct 4th … since we imagine this change will drive mass hysteria and we’ll need to plan accordingly 😉 (one make-up class at the end for those who miss one of the 8 weeks)

2- We reduced the price per class by 20%, to $130 for the 8 week session! (note, the Zumbini Bundle is provided at cost for ~$35)

3- Heck, why shouldn’t you kick butt members get a discount? SO add ANOTHER 15% off the $130 to those with active punch cards during the entire 8 week session.

BAM.  🙂

There are still a few spots left so head on over to “Specialty Programs” and make it happen!  share this with those who you think would be interested!!

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