10/20 – Changing. The. World

There are just so many things to be grateful for, aren’t there? SO many “firsts” tonight… How blessed we feel to be a part of them. Firsts for Step, Firsts for taking AND teaching PiYo, Firsts for Zumba. Firsts for many to have met our magical Miss Daisy. So many glass ceilings SMASHED tonight. We told you this is a lifestyle.

Also, we know we rave about our “Yoga Chris” but there simply isn’t a perceivable way to have ended our Monday better than he did … With the introduction of the “Yoni Mudra” hand symbol. It speaks to the light and “fertility” of life. Yes, it is intended to look like a female organ, but not for the purpose of actual fertility, only to remind us to commit to “creating light where there is dark” …

Changing. The. World.



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