A Secret No More. WE Will Rise. #whosYOURfitfriend

After much internal debate and the longest 2 weeks of my life, I’ve made a decision.  The recent immense outpouring of support, without having the slightest clue as to what’s going on with me, has only affirmed what I felt all along.  I don’t want to keep this from you.  My efforts to be honest and open, I pray, will not alarm you.  Rather, my hope is that now, with all of your support, our survival will be only that much more guaranteed.

In short, the week before Thanksgiving I was told that Drew  Mortgage would not renew our lease due to consistent complaints about the noise from a certain tenant in the building.  This week I was told we cannot use the AC during the cold winter weather.

So, the lease.  Well, it ends 12/31 (yes, this year).  Regardless of the actions I took to ensure our “loudness” was well understood before moving in, the last thing I want is to cause disruption or prohibit someone else’s success.  Trust me, it took the world’s most intense strength and focus to divert my anger and disappointment and turn it into productive energy.  But I had to.  For me.  For you.  I ask … beg … you to do the same.  The good news?  After much back and forth, Drew agreed to allow us to look into soundproofing.  For those who understand soundproofing, it’s a major investment.  One that while I know our little home would burden … it will be tough.  Over the upcoming days you’ll see contractors in and out assessing all types of options … send your positive energy their way.

My ask of you, in the short term, is to be patient with us and endure a slightly lower level of volume (and base 😦 ) while we figure this out.  Because we will.  And to be clear, the irony in all of this is the unhappy tenant doesn’t share a wall with us (so keep smiling at Villari’s, Kumon and Khel!)…

When it rains it pours, right?  So, the AC.  Yes, we went an entire year without this mandate … a winter even.  That notwithstanding, it can be a very real risk to the system and again, the last thing I’m on this planet to do is cause destruction to anything or anyone.  I will admit, this I fear a little bit more.  We know how hot it gets down there.  How humid, really.  We’ll be kicking fans into overdrive and offering water to those who don’t have any … we have towels … we hope you’ll bring your own too.  Again, there will be contractors in and out to assess this and it, too, could be a financial burden we’re bracing ourselves to bear.

So, our ask here?  Reduce your workout intensity a bit if you feel yourself overheating and please stay hydrated.  And please, please, don’t give up on us.

As a backup to everything, I’ve also been doing extensive searches for new homes in the area, if it comes to that.  Also not an investment we were prepared to make, but in my heart I believe whatever is meant to be, will … and we WILL survive.

So many of you have asked how you can help …

In an effort to prepare ourselves for whatever the universe has planned for us, we’re holding a “Save The FRIENDz” fundraiser.  There will be a box at the studio with a cover and a slit for envelopes.  There will be envelopes and note cards/paper (or please, feel free to use your own) on which we’ll ask you to write to us about what the studio means to you.  A brief little note, a story, a memory, a picture.  Anything.  And anonymous is completely fine.  We’ll turn these into a collage one day (so, size doesn’t matter but don’t write on both sides).  I’ll admittedly likely open one every now and again over the upcoming weeks when I need inspiration).  If you feel so inclined, please include a donation with your card.  I can assure you, every cent will go right back into this business.  $1, $10, $1,000,000 (<– omg, imagine?), anything.  Place everything in the envelope and drop it in the box … again, it can remain completely anonymous.  If you provide a donation with your card, let us know, we’ll enter you into a raffle to win one of two 55-minute massages at Elements in Marlborough ($99 value!)!  We’ll also put all donations/raffle money from our event on the 12th toward this cause.

I know I say “we” a lot, and I mean it in the collective sense of the Studio being as much mine as it is yours.  Today, though, I thank you personally.  For everything you’ve done for me.  Every memory we’ve made together.  Everything, truly.

I Will Rise … Because of You.

❤ Lauren

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