psst … January’s Schedule is Mostly Up … BEAT THE NEW YEAR’S RUSH!!! #whosYOURfitfriend

lot’s of fun stuff. Turbo Kick® BOOST, later classes, 8am classes, more step, oh man it’s GOOD!

Don’t forget about the NEW FIT FRIEND RECRUITER CARDS!!!! Get your friends in for 50% off their first class!!!

Stay tuned for some tweaks on pricing plans as well.  We’ll be implementing an auto renew “membership” plan FINALLY to make all of your lives easier ;-).  We’ll be making punch cards more simple.  Couple other tweaks but all worth it, we think 🙂

Note, yes, the time has come to bump up the unlimited pricing a little bit.  We promise, our reason is justifiable and quite simple really.  When we launched the unlimited option, we had ~10 classes on the schedule each week, or ~40 per month.  We’ve more than DOUBLED that and now have SO MANY OPTIONS for you to choose from!!!! With options come teachers and I’m sure you ALL agree that the FFS Staff is worth EVERY PENNY!  Don’t worry, we’re certainly not doubling the pricing lol.

Did you know the average FFS student takes 5+ classes per week?  (who cares if 4 of them are on Mondays lol).

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