1/14 – #savetheFRIENDz … Our prayers answered!

Oh, life. ☺️

To those of you who have been on this roller coaster with us since early December, thank you for your support. Thank you for your stories. Thank you, for you.

We had our “D day” meeting today and we’re so very certain that the reason we survived (yes, we survived!) is because every one of your faces, voices, memories and wishes was right there with us.

So, what now? Well, we’ll be keeping the noise at a reasonable level for a couple more weeks and during that time we’ll be making the investment to soundproof the studio. The great news is that all of YOUR support has started us off almost 25% into that investment!!!

We wouldn’t have had the confidence to do this without you, truly. So, thank you. We thank you more than these two simple words could ever begin to express.

We’d still love to hear about what the studio means to you. It’s these stories that keep us going, improving, growing. And more important, it opens the doors for those who haven’t yet gained the courage to take that step. The step that will forever change their lives.

Forever. Such an incredible concept. 🙏❤️


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