3.29: pssst the MONDAY AND TUESDAY schedules are posted!!!! and they are GOOD!!!

HURRY UP AND REGISTER!!! What you’ll find:


  • Zumba @ 10:30am w/ Laurie remains!
  • ALL NEW Turbo Kick BOOST @ 5:30pm w/ Roxanne!
  • PiYo BOOST @ 5:30pm w/ Erika remains!
  • Zumba Step @ 6pm w/ Lauren remains! <– Now in Studio B so SPACE IS EVEN MORE LIMITED!
  • Zumba @ 6pm w/ Roxanne remains!
  • ALL NEW Barre @ 7pm with THE AMAZING Caitlin!!!  We can not WAIT for this!!!
  • NEW TIME Turbo Kick TIGHT @ 7:10pm w/ Roxanne (we’ll add it to the schedule for 7pm, but it will start at 7:10 to give Rox a few minutes to set up (and breathe ;-))!
  • NEW TIME Zumba @ 7:30pm w/ Evelyn (just pushed out for you late birds)!

Note, we will REGULARLY have babysitting on Mondays 7-8pm, if you need a sitter earlier or for 7:30pm, just let us know ahead of time!


  • Zumba/Toning Mix-up @ 10:30am w/ Laurie remains!
  • ALL NEW PiYo @ 5:30am w/ Erika!
  • ALL NEW Zumba Step @ 6pm w/ Evelyn!
  • Zumba @ 6pm w/ Shannon remains!
  • ALL NEW 100% Sentao @ 7pm w/ Laurie! (no more mix-up!)
  • ALL NEW Turbo Kick BOOST @ 7:15pm w/ Evelyn!

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