4.3: we love you! But some scents are meant to say out of the gym… :)

It’s that time of year!!! It’s warming up outside, newbies are a flowing into our home like CRAZY … we LOVE IT!!!  However, common courtesy for any gym, but ESPECIALLY our low-ceiling & “cozy” size, is to keep the bodily scents to a minimum (hopefully to a zero).  This INCLUDES PERFUME!  Most common is the challenge of body odor … it’s been kicking up a notch this week and while we 100% respect your decisions as individuals, we simply won’t allow anything that disrupts our happy ecosystem.  If it’s the chemicals that bother you, we GET IT!  Lauren personally wears all natural deodorant, so there’s nothing wrong with that!  But she wears it, every class, reapplies between classes … it’s just the nice thing to do ;-).  Some great suggestions can be found here if that’s what you’re into.  This also goes for flatulence (boy isn’t THIS a fun post lolol).  We get it, moving around gets things going, we just ask that you kindly scoot yourself on out to the hallway if you’re feeling bubbly ;-).

Please don’t make us speak with you personally, we truly don’t want to make you uncomfortable.  But we will … 🙂

Well, hope that perked you up and got you ready for the day!!!!!!

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