4.8: it’s here! Our VERY OWN app!!! #commit2fit #whosYOURfitfriend 

how EXCITED are we to announce the arrival of our very own app!!! You can find it in both the apple and android app stores!!! It’s called “Fit FRIENDzy Studios” ☺️  Learn more here!

This app uses your MINDBODY ONLINE login info (website, NOT mindbody app) and will completely replace the need for the mindbody app… AND member cards!!! This app is designed 100% for us! It has scheduling features, social features, promotional features, reminders and alerts, AND your member barcode … SO NO MORE DIGGING OUT YOUR CARD!!!!

Ahhhh How exciting!!!! Any questions? Just email us!!! And share share share!!!!

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Fit FRIENDzy Studios is a Group Fitness studio specializing in quality and comfort. Tagline: "Elite Instructors. Intimate Setting. Dream-worthy Results. Because you're not a Number, You're a Name. You're a Friend."

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