5.14:  this is why

hey FRIENDz! Lauren here 🙂

Just wanted to take a moment to share with you what’s going on in my head. Heck, my heart and soul.  YOU.  Really. 
With our incomparable Desk Diva, Morgan, gone this week, I spent a bit more time with you all.  The kind of time I used to spend before I was lucky, honored, enough to round up a collection of some of the most amazing women and man (love you Chris even though you’ll never see this ☺️) I could ever dream of calling my “staff.”
Ha, staff.  Who are we kidding?  We’re all the same.  You, me, “staff.”  We’re all cut from the same cloth … And it’s a unique and amazing cloth at that.  I’ve never in my life seen such an INCREDIBLY VARIED collection of men and women who share the same LIFE-CHANGING and UPLIFTING goals.  
The only thing I ever wanted when I decided to open these doors, was a chance to prove to the world that the MOST incredible things can come from a group of people just looking to live a more fulfilling life.  We’re not here to workout.  We’re really not.  We’re here to show each other that we’re here, we’re together, we’re all doing this.  No one is alone.  No one is pressured.  And it’s freakin fun!  All I ever wanted was a chance to show someone, anyone, that through music and movement … And through friendship … Barriers can be broken.  Walls can be torn down.  That we can find the person inside that this universe wants us to be.  We can create the MOST incredible lifestyle.  Nothing short term about it.
I guess all I’m trying to say is, THANK YOU.  Thank you for believing that FRIENDz really are different from friends.  For not only believing but PROVING that we’re different.   And for sharing this with the special people in your life.  Because we all know this place isn’t for everyone, and when you bring someone with you … you really mean it.  We’re going to do great things, you know.  We really are. 
With everything I’ve got, thank you. 
❤️ Lau

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