6.17: about “barre all” and “WHIPPED Toning”… Please read!

Before we begin, please note that “Barre All” and “WHIPPED Toning” on Thursdays at 615p are ESSENTIALLY THE SAME THING. 

THAT BEING SAID… we wanted to share something important with you.  

The incredible Tiff teaches the ONLY equipment-based VARIETY BOOT CAMP-STYLE TONING class at our studio.  It’s not pre-choreographed, it IS an AMAZING experience.  We struggle with the name.  We love “WHIPPED Toning” but heard it scared some people.  We love “Barre All” because Tiff will sprinkle in some Barre moves in her classes regardless of the name because they’re so effective. IT’S NOT A BARRE CLASS and IT IS TOTALLY DOABLE!!! 

We implore you to reach higher than you ever thought possible.  We haven’t steered you wrong yet, have we??? 


That’s all. ☺️💪🏼❤️

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