6.23: Psst July-Aug schedule posted!! Please note some important stuff below …

You got that right, it’s registration time!!!  You’ll see there’s no lack of KEEPING IT FRESH at FFS!!!  Couple of classes have changes, some of them will rotate teachers so we get to see EVERYONE and please note …

There is NO jumping between classes.  Register for the FULL class you plan to attend and please be respectful of the limited space we have.  We know we have SO MANY OPTIONS and we want you to try them all!!!  Switching up your routine on a regular basis is actually GREAT for your body!!! give it a try 🙂

Also, we’ll be introducing a HUGE promo for July-Aug.  If your new friends become FRIENDz (jump on the punch card or unlimited bandwagon), you’ll get a discount on your ENTIRE next package (card or month)!!!!  nothing like bribing ya’ll to get your butts here in the summer 😉

Last, bittersweet news … our studio has EXPLODED in class option/variety growth since last year … YAHOO!!!  As such, we’re going to be reassessing our pricing options for the Fall to ensure our survival!!!  Don’t worry, we know how important this is to you and we don’t want to get in the way of that, so we’ll take this VERY seriously in our decisions!

❤ The FFS Fam

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