7.6: Tuesday schedule change, STARTS NEXT WEEK (7.14) … and other important things <3

Happy Monday FRIENDz!!!!

Summer is upon us in full force and we’ve got vacas left and right, so KEEP YOUR EYEZ ON THAT APP!  Luckily we’re super nimble and can adjust to anything so you’ll never be without your FFS fix 😉

Starting NEXT TUESDAY 7/14,  Belly*Bolly*Bhangra will start at 7:30pm and Turbo Kick will start at 7pm!!!  Be sure to check the schedule all summer, we’ll be tweaking as needed!!

Also, please be sure to read the cancel/no-show policies … we’re enforcing them 100% now, so if you no show or late cancel and don’t explain why, you’ll have a charge on your account that needs to be paid off before you can renew.  No one wants this, TRUST US, so please just be courteous and respect the 1 hour window that is our ONLY restriction! ❤

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