7.20: FULL NIGHT AHEAD!!! And one ask of you :-)

We can’t even believe how much you all are putting yourselves ahead of this AMAZING heat and getting your sparkly selves down to our little cave.  Just kidding, we can totally believe it 🙂

Tonight is PACKED!!  Almost every class is FULL … but always remember, our WAIT-LIST IS VERY PROMISING!!!!!  Be sure you’re watching your emails!!!

Last, as you may have seen, we’re introducing a FAMILY PLAN for all you rock stars out there who come with your kiddos!!!! (thank you 🙂 ).  In an effort to better promote, we’d love to feature pictures of you and your kids … either at the studio or otherwise … so please post here (doing so assumes you’re ok with us adding them to our page/website too 🙂 ).

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤

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