9.1: new #pricing #FAQs!

We’ve received a few questions regarding the new pricing and the promotion to purchase at the CURRENT pricing so figured we’d share with all!!

1- unlimited MEMBERSHIP with 6 month contract is $85/month as of sept 12th. This replaced the unlimited membership with 3 month contract at $70/month

2- unlimited 1 MONTH PASS with no additional commitment is $100/month. This replaced the same pass at $75. Yes, we are trying to increase STEADY memberships so we can continue to invest and grow 🙂

3- if you would like to lock in ANY of today’s pricing, you may purchase, by sept 11th, as many of that pricing option as can be STARTED by the end of December, and it must be paid in full upfront

Specifically for unlimited … You can lock in today’s unlimited membership price ($70) by paying IN FULL for 3 months minimum, 4 months if the 4th starts in dec. or you can lock in the unlimited MONTHLY PASS (no contract) for $75, maximum of 3 and all must start in dec.  

Don’t forget, if paying in full is too much, we have so many opportunities to get discounts starting the 12th. For example, if you buy yourself and one/both of your daughters a package, you ALL get 30% off! Or if you recruit someone and they buy a package you BOTH get 20% off!!

Hope this helps!


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