PHOTO Highlights! NEW Year = Time to FIND THE REAL YOU! #whosYOURfitfriend

We know, we’re all in Sugar Shock too.

But before we forget why we’re here, let’s recap how we wrapped up 2015!

We Revived and Re-branded Our Beloved Newzletter, “The Fit FRIEND”

Not to be missed! We learned about Students Vanessa and Heather and Tasheena; and about Teachers Steph and Erika


We launched a new Website!

front page

Same address, WAY better content.

Looking for #Zumba? #PiYo?  #Barre? #Pound? #zumbini? #TurboKick? #Yoga? #Burlesque / #SaSS? #Tabata? #BellyDancing? #Mornings? #LateEvenings? #Babysitting?  We have it ALL and MORE!

We ROCKED yet another Halloween Party @ FFS #booFRIENDzy!

The entire FFS staff rocked it out as Care Bears … well, except for our #warriorfit Master Josh … he was just terrifying lol!

We Kicked Off Another Zumbini Series!

It really is SUCH an amazing time … join us for our 2016 debut on January 9th at 1045am!

We Had Our Annual Turkey Day Morning ROCKSTAR FESTIVAL OF CLASSES!

And it seemed like basically everyone was there with us that morning! We even split our Pound class into TWO rooms!

We Participated in the “Toy & Gear” Sale @ Coolidge School in Support of the Shrewsbury Children’s Connection

Really such a fun morning!  And looking forward to a partnership for families in the future!  Check out the super cool website to learn more!

coolidge school nov 2015

We Debuted the Freakin AWESOME Warrior Fit Class w/ Josh & the Heart Pumpin Dance  Craze Cize w/ Sarika!

And WOW are these classes FUN!  And our very own Anna Cerny won the #namethatFRIEND contest with “Al Punchino” as our very own #WarriorFit mannequin!  She got a FREE MONTH OF CLASSES!

Leyla, Steph & Lauren Rocked it as Volunteers at Worcester Tech High’s Friday Afternoon”Fit Club” Program

We had our Annual Holiday Party Early in the Month!

With an Extra Special Angel on Our Tree (LOLOLOLOL)

Tiff’s T&A (Tush & Abs) Class REALLY Turned Up the Heat!

Oh, you haven’t tried it?  DO IT!  Mondays 6pm!


We Kept on Loving Evelyn 🙂

evelyn santa

We Had a Bunch Of Babies at the Studio

And a really grateful Dad 🙂

We Debuted Our VERY FIRST Marketing Ad in the Community Advocate!!!!!


To Be Followed by An Article of Our Own on Christmas Day!!!!

 It’s almost surreal


In Summary, WOW.

Another year-end not to be forgotten, and this list barely scratches the surface.  Think of all the memories.  Think of all the sweat shed and the smiles shared.  The friendzships created.  The journey.  Man, why wouldn’t you want to share this with the ones you love?

Need a little extra push?  Check out this article found in Psychology Today, dedicated to the holistic benefits of Dance.  It’s a must read.

And thank you, for absolutely everything.

With all my love and gratitude,

Lauren – AKA “Pigtails”


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