BAM! FREE = FRIENDz-creator. Post Pics! #whosYOURfitfriend

CALLING ALL FRIENDz:  Post pics of yourself at the studio or in your studio gear with the hashtag #whosYOURfitfriend.  you won’t regret it 😉

Fun Fact:  Most FRIENDz come in with a goal of 1 class per week so they can be “fit.”  Most of those FRIENDz quickly realize it’s not the goal bringing them to us anymore, it’s EVERYTHING ELSE!  1 class per week turns to 2 classes in a night, turns to 3-4 times per week, turns to 8+ classes of COMPLETELY DIFFERENT FOCUSES throughout the week, and a mind-body-soul euphoria that only seems possible in movies.  It’s not overuse and “too much” when there’s THIS MUCH VARIETY!  All for less than a coffee per 60 minute adventure.  New YEAR’S resolution?  Try FINALLY FOUND MYSELF revelation.  Changing the way we think about happiness, #becausewhynot


how’d you FRIENDz enjoy the FULLY PACKED #Cize class tonight?!?!? TELL US HERE!!!!!  And be on the lookout for more amazingness like that … just saying 😉


Have you signed up through next Tuesday yet?  WELL DO IT!


  • Wed highlights:
    • 7pm #Zumba is FULL and it’s in BOTH STUDIOS!!!!!!! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT??!?!??!  Jump on that waitlist, it can work out for you!
    • On the waitlist or can’t get in?  Join us at 8pm for a Fit FRIENDzy EXCLUSIVE … #Belly*Bolly*Bhangra!!! It’s basically #Zumba on energetic Indian-infused crack!! ahhh!!!!!!!!  (it’s ok to say that right? lolol)
    • Don’t forget, 6pm is JAM PACKED with YOUR PICK of #WarriorFit (psst, 1 spot left) and #bootybarre (the HOTTEST craze in Barre Fitness!)
  • Thur highlights:
    • Only a couple spots left in 6pm #Zumba but ….
    • Join us at 7pm for another KICK BUTT #TURBOKICK CLASS! (or #PiYo, duh)
    • And #Pound?  YEP.  Makes a Thur night DEBUT this week at 8pm!
  • Fri highlights
    • DUDE #Piloxing at 930am … um, there are only a few spots left!!!!???
    • And YES!!!! #ZumbaSentao is BACK at 6:15pm!  Followed by #WarriorFit at 7:30pm!  WHOOP WHOOP!!!

Love doing this thang with you 😉

❤ Lauren AKA Pigtails

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