3.21: SNOW MORNING & Important Policy Changes

*Note, Monday MORNING classes are canceled.  Monday evening is currently on as scheduled*

As for Policies…

First and foremost, your reservation is our pride and joy.  So much so that when you make one and don’t show, our whole world comes crashing down!!!! Ok…maybe not THAT dramatic, BUT, it is SUPER unfair to your FRIENDz who miss out because a spot was wasted … SO … 

  1. One thing to remember is that while YES we allow you to sign up for 2 classes at once in the event you are wait listed on one and can’t fathom not being able to come to our home, PLEASE CANCEL your spot if you are let off the wait list.  Note, if you do not, we will.  If you decide you DON’T want to be on a wait list anymore, PLEASE CANCEL.  Remember, wait lists count as registrations and all policies apply.

Also, POLICY CHANGES Beginning In April …

1) the cancellation window for night classes increases to 2 hours (morning classes are still 12 hours).  Note, we are doing this simply so we AND other FRIENDz can plan when spots open up.   See below if you’re within the 2 hours window…

2) UNJUSTIFIED no shows AND late cancels will be charged 1 full class, either a “punch” from your punch card or the current drop in rate.

As always, email us at deskdiva@bethefitfriend.com within 4 hours of the scheduled START time and we’ll discuss options! (for infrequent occurrences only).

We are REALLY HOPING to make ZERO DOLLARS on this policy!!! All you have to do is cancel within the allotted time and if life gets in the way (which we understand!) just EMAIL deskdiva@bethefitfriend.com in the alloted time!


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Fit FRIENDzy Studios is a Group Fitness studio specializing in quality and comfort. Tagline: "Elite Instructors. Intimate Setting. Dream-worthy Results. Because you're not a Number, You're a Name. You're a Friend."

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