Work-Life Balance: YOU Matter Too!

Work, kids, events, more work….

We all have a little trouble figuring out a good balance.  Especially recently, we hear it amongst staff…and we hear it from our FRIENDz.  So, how do we start finding said balance?  These may be a good start.

Let go of perfectionism

Life gets more complicated.  You grow at work.  Your family grows.  Therefore, your calendar grows!  Expecting perfect is just going to burn you out.  How about we try for excellence?  Meeting priorities makes us feel accomplished.  Set manageable goals each day.  Be realistic about your daily tasks.  Ask for help if needed!


Your work day never seems to end.  You’re constantly doing mindless scrolling on your phone.  Shut everything off and enjoy the moment!  Make quality time, quality time.  Don’t react to notifications or put your phone on silent.  Soon you may find yourself developing a stronger habit of resilience.  Actually watch, and enjoy, your child’s sports games and activities.  Enjoy dinner with your family and friends.  Enjoy your YOU time!!


This is a biggie! Letting things slide is easy.  Make sure you talk to the people in your life about what’s working and what isn’t.  Make different plans, if needed.  Life happens, but you can’t make it better if you’re not talking to each other to make it work better.


Take five.  Breaks are acceptable…and believe it or not…encouraged!  It clears your mind, makes dealing with stress better and helps you make better decisions.
Listen to your favorite music.  It helps tune out the corporate chaos around you and to be more productive.  Music, as we all know, reduces stress.  Put those ear buds in and lower that blood pressure.
Actually leave your desk, at lunch.  Go for a walk.  Take a drive.  Eat your lunch outside, on a nice day.  Take a car nap (Jo’s favorite)!

Limit time wasting activities and people

What’s most important?  Who is most important? (you should be at the top of that list, btw…)  Make boundaries, so you can devote your time to these high priorities.  These lists will help you trim away what doesn’t need to be on your schedule.  It’s hard for some of us to say no.  But, once you know what and who the priorities are…saying no will become an easier thing, over time.


You knew this was coming, didn’t you?  When we’re busy, we make room for the crucial things in life.  Eating, sleeping, work, etc.  And yet, one of your most crucial needs (exercise) is often the first to go, when our calendars fill up.  Exercise reduces stress, depression and anxiety.  It boosts your immune system.  Feel good endorphins?  It gives you that too!  Who doesn’t want that?!  Make that time to treat your body right.  It’s good for your body AND soul!

After all…if mama ain’t happy…ain’t nobody happy!

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