❣️important COVID-19 response update❣️ DEEP Cleaning, Studio Towels Paused

💛We continue our regular deep-cleaning and have kicked it up during this time
💛We are lightening the schedule to minimize foot traffic. If you are comfortable coming (we hope you are!), this is a great opportunity to possibly try something new
💛We are pausing all heated classes until at least April 1 (some will be swapped out, check the schedule!)
💛We are pausing use of studio towels, blankets, and yoga straps
💛We will have limited water supply, highly encourage you BYO
💛We ask all students to refrain from hugs, high 5’s etc and extra deep clean equipment post-use
💛Zero tolerance policy on coming to the studio with any illness symptoms (kiddos too)
💛Zero tolerance policy on no-shows. Email deskdiva@bethefitfriend.com and we will waive late cancels if they’re covid-19 based
💛We are working on live-streaming some of our classes. We will post when details are available

💞my very, very strong words of advice: take the proper precautions, but don’t let fear and anxiety and chaos consume you. Never mind working out less, stress literally kills. Be kind to you. Relax, enjoy time with close friends and family, turn off the damn tv and stop scrolling fb💞

Published by Fit FRIENDzy Studios

Fit FRIENDzy Studios is a Group Fitness studio specializing in quality and comfort. Tagline: "Elite Instructors. Intimate Setting. Dream-worthy Results. Because you're not a Number, You're a Name. You're a Friend."

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