❣️important COVID-19 response update❣️ DEEP Cleaning, Studio Towels Paused

💛We continue our regular deep-cleaning and have kicked it up during this time💛We are lightening the schedule to minimize foot traffic. If you are comfortable coming (we hope you are!), this is a great opportunity to possibly try something new💛We are pausing all heated classes until at least April 1 (some will be swapped out,Continue reading “❣️important COVID-19 response update❣️ DEEP Cleaning, Studio Towels Paused”

⚠️COVID-19 UPDATE⚠️ Bring Home Your Mat

💛please take home all personal mats by tomorrow night. We’re doing a Lysol saturation of anything left at the studio beginning Tuesday💛please BRING a yoga mat, we are limiting use of community mats💛we are REDUCING class capacities so sign up ASAP if you plan to come💛we are CANCELING most 6am classes💛please exercise extreme caution ifContinue reading “⚠️COVID-19 UPDATE⚠️ Bring Home Your Mat”

FRIEND Of The Month – Chelsea LaViolette

How did you find FFS? I was hanging out with my friend Caroline and I was telling her about how unhappy I was. She started to tell me about this studio she had been going too and she looked amazing! She told me I needed to go, that I would love it and immediately signedContinue reading “FRIEND Of The Month – Chelsea LaViolette”