💸SALE! ⏰ENDS AT 5PM TONIGHT! 🎨Sip & Sign for “C” 🎨 – $5 Off!💸

Hey FRIENDz!  Some newz about our Fundraiser this weekend, “Sip & Sign for ‘C’”! Highlights: We’ve REDUCED the cost to $20 (vs. $25). Use promo code PAINTSNOW when you sign up), in lieu of the ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ day Wed (remember, you get to take what you make!) We’ve REDUCED the time to 2-3:30 (vs. 2-4:30), bc our beloved SamContinue reading “💸SALE! ⏰ENDS AT 5PM TONIGHT! 🎨Sip & Sign for “C” 🎨 – $5 Off!💸”

2.27: #pound & #piyo = FULL. #STRONGbyZumba is for YOU! As are 100 perk points :)

Tonight’s lineup is pretty amazing (then again, what lineup isn’t at our home? 😉 ).  We still have a couple spots left in 6p #STRONGbyZumba and 715p #Zumba … make the commitment to you! OH, and earn 100 perk points if you sign up for STRONG.  Just sayin.:-)  

2.27: 2 Days Left to Earn/Redeem #PerkPoints!

(Keep your eyez peeled for the Newzletter too!)   Yes, Perkville = Awesome.   We’re resetting points & awards on March 1st (they’ll run in-line with the schedule:  Mar-May, June-Aug, Sept-Nov, Dec-Feb)!!!!!   How many do you have??? Did you know you can pick lots of fun stuff from our “Store” :-).  Just pick yourContinue reading “2.27: 2 Days Left to Earn/Redeem #PerkPoints!”

Get Paid for Making FRIENDz!! Yep :-) #whosYOURfitfriend

we’ve mentioned the new rewards program, pretty awesome.  get points for every referral and for cash spent at the studio on goods.  points = real money (well, real Fit FRIENDzy Studios money :-)) … oh yes. HOWEVER … did you hear about the December special for getting friends to buy their first PC? You getContinue reading “Get Paid for Making FRIENDz!! Yep 🙂 #whosYOURfitfriend”