FFS Instructor Spotlight: Lauren Blumberg

Nickname: Blumberg
Age: 30
Tell us a little about yourself!
I moved to New England just 2 years ago from the South. I am an elementary teacher in Worcester, and I love all things musical theater, crafty, and sparkly.
Five fun facts about you…
  1. I’m related to Johnny Depp although I’ve never met him.
  2. I’m grew up in Texas, and lived in New Orleans for 6 years. Just a southern girl through and through.
  3. I HATE pickles.
  4. I was on drumline in the marching band for 6 years. I also play guitar, ukulele, and sing.
  5. I played Belle in a stage production of Beauty and the Beast.
Certified instructor in…
Why did you become an Instructor?
I found Pound and absolutely fell in love with it! I love Pound so much that I just had to teach it, too!
What class will we see you teaching at Fit FRIENDzy?
What is your favorite thing about your class?
I connect so much to the idea of rhythm, community drumming, and that women can be angry. So often, women are told to be dainty or to take crap without getting upset. Pound is the opportunity to come together with other amazing women, and let out all the stuff we keep bottled up. I love the opportunity to come together and really hit the floor on a bad day… or even a good one!
Why should someone check out your class?
Tons of throwbacks and great music to sing-along to!
What is your go to music style?
Anything I can sing along to! In Pound, you’ll hear anything from throwback punk music, 80s rock, upbeat Top 40 hits, and even some musical stuff thrown in!
Give one piece of advice to your students…
Hit. The. Floor.
What is your favorite class to take as a student and why?
Piyo! I really feel my own strength and progress when I take Piyo. The music is great to sing along with and the routines have me doing moves that I didn’t even know where possible!
If you could turn any activity into an Olympic sport, what would you have a good chance at winning a medal for?
Napping. I am an expert at afternoon naps.
What is your most freakish/weird talent)?
It’s not a talent, but I watch all 8 seasons of Gilmore Girls every fall.
What makes you the happiest?
Winning. I’m highly competitive.
What are you most proud of?
I feel like I am someone who is very comfortable in my own skin with no reserves about speaking up for the things I care most about. It’s been a journey to get to this place, but I’m so happy to be here.
What would your ideal day consist of?
Staying busy with time for an afternoon nap, of course.
What’s your favorite way to relax and spend “you” time?
Bubble baths or shopping.
If you were a Disney princess (or character) who would you be?
Ana from Frozen. I love her optimism; the faith she has in people and that everything will work out!
If you were granted three wishes what would you wish for?
  1. Eating without consequences.
  2. No more winter.
  3. Weekly maid service.
In one word… describe Fit FRIENDzy Studios: Community
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