I Get By With a Little Help…

From My FRIENDz.


In the true spirit of this studio being a home away from home, we love sharing with you the magic behind the smiles of our amazing instructors, staff AND students!!!!

Does one of our instructors, staff or students INSPIRE you? Well, let us know, we’ll get them on here too!!!

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Allow us to introduce you, on “paper,” to miss SmiLeS herself … Eileen Fraoili!!  You’ll recognize her as the spunky firecracker with the short black (sweaty 😉 ) hair, often seen with her gorgeous daughter and of course the incredible inspiration to every pregnant woman out there, Anna Cerny, who was Zumba-ing with us until THREE DAYS BEFORE SHE GAVE BIRTH.   But, back to Eileen … her spirit is nothing short of magnetic and we’re so proud of how far she’s come since she found us … we just HAD to make sure her magic was shared with you all!!!  So, here’s how she put it ….

“I first started with Lauren Demers a few months ago.  I needed a place to work out that was a fun and exciting, a place to get a great workout that would make me keep coming back for more. So I heard about Fit FRIENDzy Studios and decided to try it.  All i needed to do was take one class, and it was amazing!  I thought, “oh, yes! this is something that i could get used to!”  A great fun way to exercise and great people to enjoy working out with.  Lauren you are truly an amazing person you make everyone, no matter who they are, feel like they are amazing.  Your classes are so full of energy that it makes me work even harder no matter how tired I am … I cannot wait to come to one of your classes.  In just a few months time, I dropped a WHOLE PANTS SIZE!!! All of this keeps me going for more!!!!! I love that your studio is so flexible that i can still be home for my kids and have time for me, and yes, ZUMBA is a time to have fun and drop the everyday stress for an hour.  I also feel better and better with each class! My sister in law Anna came with me every class, 5 days a week, til she gave birth!!! I really think it was amazing that she did that! She had a great delivery and she can not wait for the doctor to give her the ok she will be back soon very soon!!!!! I want to thank you Lauren Demers for making me feel amazing everyday that I take your classes!!!!!”


In less than a year, our very own Miss Heather chose our monthly membership over paying for her monthly smoking fees.  Smiling every step of the way.  The rest is history …


Nothing really ever compares to someone saying they’re half their size and a whole lot happier since they found us.  We love you Miss Maryellen … a TRUE adventurous FIT FRIEND!


What moms of 3 REALLY look like when they choose health and happiness!!! Check out our very own Kay Sears’ FB page “Eat Pray Lose” which chronicles her journey … it’s amazing.  And don’t forget, she sells eggs from her farm at the studio!!! $3.50 🙂

kay sears


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