❣️important COVID-19 response update❣️ DEEP Cleaning, Studio Towels Paused

💛We continue our regular deep-cleaning and have kicked it up during this time
💛We are lightening the schedule to minimize foot traffic. If you are comfortable coming (we hope you are!), this is a great opportunity to possibly try something new
💛We are pausing all heated classes until at least April 1 (some will be swapped out, check the schedule!)
💛We are pausing use of studio towels, blankets, and yoga straps
💛We will have limited water supply, highly encourage you BYO
💛We ask all students to refrain from hugs, high 5’s etc and extra deep clean equipment post-use
💛Zero tolerance policy on coming to the studio with any illness symptoms (kiddos too)
💛Zero tolerance policy on no-shows. Email deskdiva@bethefitfriend.com and we will waive late cancels if they’re covid-19 based
💛We are working on live-streaming some of our classes. We will post when details are available

💞my very, very strong words of advice: take the proper precautions, but don’t let fear and anxiety and chaos consume you. Never mind working out less, stress literally kills. Be kind to you. Relax, enjoy time with close friends and family, turn off the damn tv and stop scrolling fb💞

⚠️COVID-19 UPDATE⚠️ Bring Home Your Mat

💛please take home all personal mats by tomorrow night. We’re doing a Lysol saturation of anything left at the studio beginning Tuesday
💛please BRING a yoga mat, we are limiting use of community mats
💛we are REDUCING class capacities so sign up ASAP if you plan to come
💛we are CANCELING most 6am classes
💛please exercise extreme caution if you have Illness symptoms of any kind and stay home
💛water is limited (we suggest BYO) but ASK DESK DIVA to get you one if needed
💛be sure to join our website www.bethefitFRIEND.com to gain acces when we post online classes
💛do not touch tiki, fridge, or any unnecessary surfaces


FRIEND Of The Month – Chelsea LaViolette

How did you find FFS?

I was hanging out with my friend Caroline and I was telling her about how unhappy I was. She started to tell me about this studio she had been going too and she looked amazing! She told me I needed to go, that I would love it and immediately signed me up for two classes to take the next day!

How did you know FFS was the right fit for you?

I walked into the studio and was immediately approached and welcomed with open arms. As soon as I walked in, these people made me feel empowered and motivated without even knowing them. I felt right at home.

What was the biggest challenge you have overcome since joining?

Joining the studio has impacted my life in every aspect. Before I joined, I was so unhappy with my life and myself. I had no motivation to want better or to make the effort to do better. The studio has had a huge impact on my physical health but most importantly my mental health. My mindset and the way I look at myself is drastic from when I walked through those doors 8 months ago. I was so extremely toxic and negative in my head and I was drowning in it. The studio has taught me how to love myself and being surrounded by all these motivating and inspiring human beings makes me want to be a better person every day. I am so beyond thankful to call this place my sacred home and to have had the opportunity to meet so many amazing souls. I couldn’t imagine my life without any of you!

What’s your favorite class?

My favorite classes for sure are all of the Buti classes. The atmosphere, the music, the vibes, the grunting and dancing light my soul on fire. It puts me in an element I can’t explain, you just have to come try it out for yourself! But I do also enjoy all the other classes! All of the instructors are amazing and unique in their own ways.

What’s your advice to people just staring at FFS?

Be prepared to become apart of something bigger than yourself in the best way. Don’t talk about it, BE about it!! Come try a class and I promise you won’t regret it!

Some thoughts about Chelsea from FRIENDZ….

“Chelsea is one of the most badass women I’ve ever had the pleasure of calling my friend. She’s an active military member, which I admire so much, and am so thankful to her for her service. She’s unapologetically herself in every situation. She takes many classes back to back and her drive and determination are awe inspiring. She’s always there with a hug to share, and kind words to compliment others. And, her bright and beautiful smile could light up any room!!” ~ Jen Daby

“How did I not recognize that face! My entire life I’ve known your whole famiy and now I love you.” ~ Karen Lamb