⏰👡 I Wake Up, I Wanna DANCE! 👡⏰ FRIDAY Early Bird AND Nooner! And SO Much more …

Oh what’s that, you haven’t peeped your app since you signed up for classes earlier this week?  Well you know that’s a SURE WAY TO MISS OUT ON ALL OUR POP-UP FUN!  Let’s see how many you can commit to YOU (25 PERK POINTz for every sign up! PER CLASS)!




  • Friday:
    • 6 – 6:45 am = PiYo BOOST (actually, this is a new Friday class, woo hoo!)
    • 12 – 12:45 pm = NOONER Boss Chick Dance Workout
    • 7:30 – 8:30 pm = ALL NEW DEBUT of Yoga with Nicole!
  • Saturday:
    • 9:30 – 10:30 = Pound Kidz DEBUT!  (Space is limited to sign up/email us to sign up ASAP!  Remember, Kids Passes are good for Zumba Kidz AND Pound Kidz!)
    • 10:45 – 11:45 am = SPECIAL Boss Chick Dance Workout
  • Sunday:
    • 10:30 am – 12 pm = BOSS CHICK MASTER CLASS WITH MASTER TRAINER PORTIA!!! ($20, but worth EVERY penny!  Meet the BOSS who trained Lauren & Erika!)
    • 12 – 1 PM = Wrap up Your Weekend Yoga with Nicole


We could really go on forever here, but we’ll let you head over to the schedule now 😜

❄😭Snow Day – Sweat @ Home!😭❄

It’s official, our beloved home will be closed this evening, Tuesday 3/13.  But you know what that means … sign up STAT for other classes this week to make up for it! (because you know we added a few in lieu of this tragedy!)


You can also hit up our Memberz Forum for some Snow Day workouts!


Stay Get warm FRIENDz!!!

❄️😭Proactive Schedule Changes😭❄️

We’re PROACTIVELY making some decisions around tomorrow’s schedule so there’s no mad-dash scramble:
  • Zumba Kids will start NEXT week, 3/20, and we’ve ADDED a class on 4/24 (no class week of April vaca)
  • The FREE Yoga Demo with Nicole (new, amazing, teacher!) will be NEXT week, 3/20.  PLEASE come and check her out, we’re counting on YOU to let us know if she’s a good fit for our home!
  • We cxld 6a PiYo BOOST but ADDED a PiYo BOOST Friday morning
  • We have ADDED TWO FREE FLEXIBILITY BURSTS … Wed 5:45-6p, Thur 6:15-6:30p, stay tuned on cxling tomorrow
Stay tuned for the rest of the night’s lineup tomorrow … and stay warm!!!
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