SaSS mon/wed/sat this week! 530pm wed/thur! BeachbodySayWhat!?! #whoYOURfitfriend

Happy day of rest!!! What an amazing weekend this has been!!!! So many classes, so many smiles, so many new clothes 😍😍. Love this family we have 😊

Check out the schedule this week, it’s magical!!!!

SaSS Fitness replaces CARDIyoga wed at 6pm – bring your yoga mats and be sure to sign up, space is limited!

Wed & Thur Zumba now starts at 530pm!

Join us next Saturday @ holy cross for the relay for life adults & kids demo 930-1030!! It’s free!!! (Yes, studio is still open for some classes, check the schedule midweek as we’ll cancel low enrollment classes)

Oh, and we’ve got some pretty amazing bios coming … Be on the lookout 😜


Survey Reminder & Babysitting Requests! #whoYOURfitfriend

For those of you who asked where to find it, the survey is located on the home page of our website, and also via this direct link!!

Second, please be sure to request babysitting as early as you can. Currently we have been calling a sitter on Mondays and Wednesdays based on need, do you have a need!?!?

NEW Zumba Gear now available!!! And are YOU joining the challenge? #whoYOURfitfriend

Don’t miss out on a new batch of awesome zumba gear! Bags, towels, socks, bandanas, capris, flowy tanks (based on requests!!!) … Yay!!!

And who doesn’t love a good challenge!? Join thousands of ppl in the 30 Day Ab Challenge!!! It’s never too late 😜💪👍


Survey Says: 530pm is better! READ BELOW FOR SCHEDULE CHANGES effective as of NEXT MONDAY!! #whosYOURfitfriend

Based on survey results and recent enrollment, 5pm classes (wed and thur) are moving to 530pm as of next week!! Schedule will be updated after tomorrow’s (thur 6/5) 5pm class

Also, Tuesday night’s Zumba BASIC class is changing to 645pm and the format is changing slightly too. Rather than offer an easier class, we’ll offer a REGULAR Zumba class but there will be TWO teachers, one will modify to make things easier to follow. This way students who can’t get there for 6 still have a shot at a GREAT workout! Will still call it BASIC but will update the description!

Last, adding a 645pm Monday night Zumba class as of 6/16! Survey also said 7pm was the most popular time and SaSS is pretty much BOOKED so we’re giving you even more!!!

Want more??? Be sure to fill out the survey if you haven’t! Let us know if you have questions by commenting here or emailing us at!