Protein Power by PAM (TM)

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from one foodie to another, made with love!!

I promise you wont believe they are good for you.”

~Pam Renzetti, Founder/Foodie/Zumbee/Baker-Extraordinaire

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Available almost exclusively at Fit FRIENDzy Studios (and also online via the super cool SquareMarket), these ridiculously delicious meal & snack bars are made with wholesome ingredients, by two of the happiest hands you’ll ever meet (fact).   They range in all sorts of ways from flavor, texture, bake/no-bake, nut-free, vegan … pretty much anything you can think of, if it’s made from ingredients you can pronounce, Pam can master it!

You can catch Pam bouncing between Fit FRIENDzy Studios and WOW in Worcester as she supports 2 of her favorite Zumba Instructors (Lauren & Jimmy) … and MAN does she spread joy!!!

Known for her smokin’ hot headbands, bright magical lips and INSATIABLE love for her daughter (sorry, Hubby 😉 ), this woman is nothing short of inspirational.  And her bars are FREAKIN’ GOOD!!!!

The graphic below depicts her almost without flaw.

Check out her bio below too, not too shabby!


Pam Renzetti:  Student, Entrepreneur & Owner, Protein Power by Pam(TM)

Pamela Renzetti, Homemaker, turned Zumba groupie, turned entrepreneur. In a years time, so muchhas changed. I have always wanted to take Zumba and the time never seemed right. That saying “Everything happens for a reason” is emphatically true! I can truly say my life has changed, and not just in a healthy way physically, but mentally as well.One class, one smile, one step in the right direction, put me on this journey to start my own business. Protein Power by Pam. A name conjured by one of the most amazing women I have ever met. Lauren Demers, my Zumba instructor, my friend. Who knew, making my ever so delicious and not so good for you Christmas treats would lead to a business opportunity. It started with a comment, “we need to get you to make healthy snacks”. I thought, sure, and even said it out loud. Next came the insanity. I received a message from Lauren one evening, which was brimming with excitement. I could feel her energy as I read her message. “Pam!!!! I had to jump out of the shower to message you!!! Picture this”…. I began to read her ideas of Protein Power by Pam, the name, the logo, the packaging, the purpose. I couldn’t help but feel excited too!!! Wait….did she just say she was in the shower? This woman makes me laugh so much! How could I say no? When I tell you I was scared to death, I am not lying. I never had a chance to entertain the fear. Lauren made it impossible. She had so much faith in me, and motivated me, that I couldn’t help but be as excited as she was!  I was given a few suggestions for ingredients. I then quickly began researching ideas and recipes. This was all so foreign to me. I gathered up some ideas, and began to makes some recipes. Each creation was brought to the Studio for everyone to sample. The feedback was overwhelming!  I remember very clearly the message from Lauren that said. You need to make a Facebook page for your business. My business? My immediate response was, I will, but I want to wait for more feedback and be sure this is what people like. Her reply, what are you waiting for? She was right, what was I waiting for? I got up, went straight to the computer and created Protein Power by Pam’s first business page. From there it has been a fascinating ride of development and exciting changes. I’m proud of this business, and more importantly what I have learned from it. It has changed me in so many ways. Actually it hasn’t changed me, it has brought out what was already in me that I was so afraid to share. Protein POWER by Pam, available at Fit FRIENDzy Studios.

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