Hear it From Our FRIENDz

At Fit FRIENDzy Studios we’re about changing … heck … saving lives.

Please share your story below and tell us, everyone, what the studio means to you.

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9 thoughts on “Hear it From Our FRIENDz

  1. Your studio is my sanity, no really. I’m not trying to be be melodramatic. Class is the positive energy boost that gets me through the week! It is so obvious that you love teaching by the way you lose yourself in the music. When I first took your class years ago at another studio it awakened a part of me that I thought I had lost forever. The ability to let go! For the first time in a long time, I lost myself in the music too, just like I used to when I danced competitively. Being an adult I thought this was something I had to give up, but finding your class helped me to realize that it’s not true. Your studio is the only place I’ve found where I can be my goofy self and it’s encouraged! Your post about keeping secrets hit home for me because what you and my fellow classmates that I see every week (now that I am hooked!) do not know is that the happy vibes that I carry with me from your studio is what is carrying me through a very difficult time in my own life. Positive energy and vibes your way always! Everything will work out the way that it is meant to and just know that we are all here for you–the way you have been here for all of us!

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  2. I’m not even sure where to start. I walked into Fit Friendzy Studios 8 months ago looking for a new Zumba class after realized I hated the gym and wanted to work out in a way I enjoyed. After 1 class, I bought an unlimited package without hesitation. Not only was the work out amazing, the atmosphere was fun, and there was just something so awesome about that bubbly instructor with the pigtails. Eight months later, I am still reminded every day how lucky I am to have found this studio. I am in the best shape of my life, both physically and mentally. This is a studio where the positivity is overwhelming. Every instructor and classmate is so unique- I am lucky to know so many amazing women. And I am not even capable of putting into words what a kind, wonderful, inspirational lady Ms. Lauren Demers is (I won’t even try- just talk to her for 5 seconds). This studio is home. You can’t walk in the door and not smile. It is a place of comfort. A place where someone who generally avoids the mirror stares at herself the entire class (sorry, not sorry). Fit Friendzy is where I feel like the most beautiful version of myself- and for that I am so, so grateful.

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  3. This studio has completely changed my life and my lifestyle. Never been one to work out, the only time I stepped into a gym I left after 5 minutes and never went back. After I went to SaSS and one of Lauren’s Zumba classes I was instantly hooked and bought an unlimited package and haven’t stopped since. I look forward to the week’s classes, seeing all of you, and getting a good workout. This studio is someplace I love to be, where I feel at home. I love the instructors – all motivational and passionate about fitness, fun and friendz – and Lauren’s love for this studio is apparent in every quote on the wall, every motivational cool down and every genuine: what did you think? how are you feeling? The Fit Friendz rally around each other and genuinely care about each other. You are all so amazing and so inspirational. I’ve never felt so fit, healthy and happy. With so much going on in all of our lives, we all need an outlet. This is mine.

    Thank you for the studio. Thank you for your passion. Thank you for never giving up. We won’t give up either. This all means too much.

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  4. This is very personal but I feel like I want to share it…I’ve struggled with my weight and self esteem issues for as long as I can remember. I’ve always felt like I was meant to be a background person in social settings. I’ve had great success professionally but I’ve never been able to carry that over to “real” life. I was so anxious to try Zumba because I’m really self conscious. I thought that people would be looking at me and judging me..I couldn’t have been more wrong! I found the best group of women at the studio that I have ever met. Women that push me to try new things and get out of my comfort zone. Women that cheer on all of my accomplishments. I’ve never been happier and more proud to be me! This atmosphere combined with some lifestyle changes has resulted in weight loss…Finally putting me closer to my goal. A goal of getting to a healthy weight in order to start a family. I can’t lose this now…🙏

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  5. It is becoming second nature to talk about my home away from home. Many of you may know my story from my bio or from me telling you about it. I tend to forget that we have new faces that arrive daily. Once they come in, and take that one class, you just know they are hooked, and many friendz have only been there a short time and I feel like I have known them forever!
    I remember when Lauren announced she had found a permanent home…this lively spirit that I had been following around like a groupie to her favorite rock band, had found a home. The excitement of picking out paint colors, and hanging up mirrors, and finding those DAMN DISPLAY CASES!!!! LOL I remember facebook posts going around asking students, what do you want to see at the studio??….what will make us different?? Responses from water, to hair ties, to inspirational posts poured in for ideas! And I swear EVERY SINGLE IDEA is at Fit Friendzy Studio.
    I had no idea what was starting, but I knew I wanted to be a part of every single second. Our first night, with tape still holding the mirrors up was the beginning of an amazing year. This place has become something that I can hardly put into words. Here, I can be the silly, loud, optimistic, ridiculous Pam that I love to be, and I can be it without judgment. I can’t begin to express how freeing that is.
    I love Lauren and her staff more then I could ever express. I have grown this past year, mentally and physically, my confidence is stronger then I ever thought possible and I look forward to each and every workout.
    The love and encouragement, the energy, the support, the laughs, the tears, THE SOLO’s….I know in my heart that what has begun here is just the beginning. This energy and love is what we all need in this world, no matter what our age. I can’t thank you enough Lauren, for all you put into this studio. I feel it in everything you do, whether its a class, a new quote on the wall, a silly new outfit to inspire us, or a post on facebook. You are so devoted, and I thank God for bringing you into my life. ❤

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  6. How can you put feelings emotions heart and soul into words…

    This studio is magic. I have not been here long, however the instant impact Lauren, her amazing instructors, and the entire community of women have had on my life is something that I can not even begin to put into words…
    My story began here in late September… Hard to imagine just then… I always had on a bright facade… Those who truly knew me knew the hurt and pain I was hiding. I have always been the fat girl.. The chubby chic… I have always been shamed and ridiculed. I have always been told I was never good enough… I was at a point in life where eeeh that was it… I was indifferent to a lot and was merely existing… And not living.
    I have tried on numerous occasions to become more fit… Healthy… Who am I kidding… I was trying to be skinny to fit the mainstream. I tried various classes… Various gyms… And never felt safe… Welcome… Accepted… And safe being the key.

    I walked in to a Saturday am class with my friend… And I didn’t want to leave… And well… As many of you can see I haven’t…

    There is a lot to be said about what has occurred for me in the past few months… I decided I wanted to be here so badly I gave up smoking cold turkey to pay for it… I decided I didn’t want to fuel myself with junk and have been transitioning to clean eating…The “fat worthless girl” has shown herself with you all by my side realize it or not that she can… Are you kidding me… I did an hour of Piyo before a mix with Sentao tonight after yesterdays boostx tutu step, and Zumba and loved and smiled through most of it… And can not wait to kick but with Evelyn tomorrow…

    I am always the caretaker… Care for my mother… Care for my gram… This place has given me the belief that I can… That I matter… That I am worth it… I awake each morning happy knowing I have a home to go to at the end of the day… Where I can have a bad day and work it out… Where I can feel free and uninhibited… Most importantly everyone has made me feel beautiful and worthy…

    This place has given me hope and strength I never knew I had…

    Everyone whether or not they realize has been so inspirational to me. My life is better for knowing all of you…

    Lauren I can not thank you enough for your dreams and visions. I am forever grateful for your magical home that has blessed so many with so much…

    In such a short time… I can not imagine life any other way…

    Love you❤


  7. I first experienced the amazing Lauren Demers when she came to teach some of her songs at work out world. Her energy was insane and I could not believe how incredibly talented she was. She instantly lit up the room and created an energy similar to what our instructor, Jimmy, would create. I did several of her drop in classes and was inspired by her spirit. I had fallen in love with Zumba several years prior but she and Jimmy inspired me to become an instructor. I received nothing but support when i shared I wanted to become an instructor with her. She was there for me with the most supportive advice in how to be successful in this industry. When Fit FRIENDzy opened she would allow me to practice some of my routines and I knew the door was always open. I could not believe the feeling I got walking through the doors. It was an instant greeting, everyone was so happy to be there and so friendly. I had never experienced something of this nature in a fitness facility. There was a sense of family she, the instructors, and students had created…it was infectious. As i continued my journey as an instructor, I found a zumba program perfect for me. Zumbini! She, without hesitation, allowed me the opportunity to share my love of Zumba and commitment to child development in her studio. As a newer program it was not as popular as we had hoped it would be, but she never gave up on me or our zumba babies and was a constant reminder to never give up on what you are most passionate about. When Daisy and I decided to become Zumba kids instructors there was no question of if we could offer it at Fit FRIENDzy. Since September I have been able to be a student and try out all the classes the studio offers. I have met some of the most incredible and inspiring woman! I can not imagine my life without Fit FRIENDzy. It has become my sanction, a place to release all the weekly stressors and just have fun! I have never been more confident in my life and I owe that to the studio! There is nothing better than to be in a place that you are accepted for who you. That is the essence of Fit FRIENDzy. I know we will get through this because someone with this much passion for what she loves to do will never fail! It may take us time to find a solution but know we are all behind you and support you no matter what. Whether its helping glue sound proof foam to ceiling tiles or borrowing pick up trucks for a move to a new home we are here for you. It doesnt matter where we are just that we are all together. Thank you for all you have done for me and for always supporting me
    love always,

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  8. A year and nearly a month ago (pre-studio) I stated taking Zumba classes with Lauren. It all started when a co-worker of mine was talking about her Zumba instructor and how AMAZING she was. I asked her what her name was and she just said, Lauren.

    “Lauren Demers?”
    “Yes! do you know her?”
    “Yeah, she’s my cousin…”

    Over a month later, after much encouragement from my co-worker and my family I decided to go to a class with Lauren. I dragged 2 other co-workers with me and We stayed in the back slightly afraid, since we didn’t now the choreography. We giggled through the entire class as we seemed to mess up EVERY SINGLE transition from one move to another.

    After that class (The day before Thanksgiving) I stated to go to a few classes here and there and then i was hooked! I was still hiding in the back, but I was getting better. I started going more and more each week.

    After Lauren opened Fit Friendzy Studios I was there for class every day I was able. The kids would ask me if there were days i DIDN’T go to Zumba and my answer was yeah, the days the studio isn’t open… So, I was HOOKED. I talked about Zumba all of the time, I bought anything i thought would glow in the lights and i started being more aware of what I was putting into my body. I am not perfect by any means, but I am happy! I mean, you try to glow in every class…literally, and you wear tutus (they glow too…) and yesterday we wore capes… It doesn’t get any better than this! When new classes were added I obviously had to take them all. I thought, I love Zumba, so I’ll try this S.a.S.S. thing, i guess…I hesitantly attended my first Sass class and now I am addicted to that and PIYO and STEP and YOGA etc.

    I wasn’t just addicted to the classes, but the atmosphere and the people at FFS! You walk in the door and everyone says hello to you and asks how you are doing. They listen to you talk about the crazy day you had and you listen to theirs. We get to be ourselves, we get to be silly and everyone accepts and joins in the silliness with you with a big smile! through all theses classes and all of the women here I have learned so much about loving myself and being confident and don’t feel like the fat girl in class. I look forward to going to the studio every day! I come straight from work and I’m usually early!

    I didn’t start going to Zumba to loose weight per se, but because I loved it i kept going and going and going and the weight loss has been sort of a bi-product of having so much fun. In a year I have gone down 2 pant sizes and have grown a tremendous amount of self-confidence and self love. I always hated how I looked and now I love myself and feel amazing. I see changes in my body I never thought possible. None of my clothes fit…even my work out clothes…I tied my pants up with 2 hair elastics last week and they were still too big!

    It Has Really Become My Home Away From Home!

    I feel encouragement and love from everyone at FFS EVERY DAY and It all began with one AMAZING energetic woman with a dream that turned into a beautiful family!

    Thank You Lauren & Thank You Fit Friendzy Studios!

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  9. I started at the studio a few months ago with my little boy and the Zumbini program. Hearing the music coming from the other room was more than enough to make anyone curious and check out a class. Starting with the fact that I have never heard of, or been to, a “fitness center” with so many class options and times that you never need to worry about missing one class and being thrown off your personal bandwagon, a problem that I often struggle with. This has been the only group fitness setting that I feel silly calling it a “gym” because it is so much more. Everyone at Fit Friendzy makes you want to try; try harder, try new things, try to take risks, try to make a change and they do this without advertising it. The atmosphere is intoxicating and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a single soul at the studio without a smile on their face. Even the evenings where I’ve been tempted to stay home, I’m instantly greeted by 20+ women who may have never seen you before, but they’re happy to see you now. It’s a feeling that is difficult to put into words, but this studio has found a part of me that I didn’t know was missing and I’m beyond grateful to have it back. Thank you all for everything that you do!


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