What THEY Said

Hear it from the FRIENDz themselves!

Read below for insight into life at Fit FRIENDzy Studios!

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3 thoughts on “What THEY Said

  1. I am a Zumba lover and Zumba instructor and I have taken many classes at Fit Friendzy. It is a fun and welcoming atmosphere. Everyone is so nice and the classes are great.

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  2. I have taken Zumba classes before but NEVER like this. The instructors have energy that powers me through my workout every time. Roxanne’s new S.A.S.S class is super sexy and fun! A must try! I’ve been going to classes for almost two months and family and friends already notice the difference in my body. And most importantly I notice the difference in my body and my confidence. Thank you so much FitFriendzyStudio!!

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  3. How about adding Les Mills’s Body Pump? Strength training set to awesome music would be such an asset to the class rotation!


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